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Alternative Knee Replacement Therapy

Hill Country Physical Medicine offers two convenient locations in Boerne and Comfort, TX for patients seeking an alternative to surgical knee replacement.  Our clinic uses non-invasive medical procedures to treat a wide range of issues, including knee pain.

While knee problems can be the result of different things, including injury and osteoarthritis symptoms, Boerne Texas residents can trust Hill Country Physical Medicine to successfully find and treat the root cause of the knee pain. For osteoarthritis, the treatment often involves Supartz knee therapy. In a person who has osteoarthritis, the protective fluid in the knee, called hyaluronan, deteriorates, causing joint pain and stiffness. Hill Country Physical Medicine offers Supartz joint fluid therapy in Boerne, to replace hyaluronan. This fluid surrounds joints and bones in healthy knees, allowing them to move fluidly, and cushioning them from shocks. When osteoarthritis reduces movement of the affected joints, it can interfere with normal activities like walking, dressing, and sleeping, and causing pain during both movement and rest, as well as symptoms that include:

  • Tenderness in the knee area
  • Pain during movement of the knee
  • A “catching” or “grating” sensation during knee movement
  • Weakened of muscles, resulting from pain that prevents proper exercise of the leg

At Hill Country Physical Medicine, in Boerne, Supartz Knee Therapy is offered in conjunction with other non-invasive medical practices, in treatment strategies designed to address the root of each individual patient’s medical concerns. The world’s most prescribed joint fluid therapy, Supartz is a safe, natural, effective method of treating pain and restoring the natural function of the knee. In Boerne, natural knee replacement therapy at Hill Country Physical Medicine works to replenish hyaluronan, acting as a shock absorber and lubricant for the knees. This kind of knee replacement, which is often very helpful for patients suffering knee pain and other symptoms caused by osteoarthritis. For Supartz Knee Therapy, Boerne residents need only call Hill Country Physical Medicine.


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