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For those seeking spinal stenosis treatment in Boerne, Texas, and the surrounding area, Hill Country Physical Medicine can help.

At our clinics in Boerne and Comfort, spinal stenosis and other ailments are treated using non-invasive medical procedures, designed to treat the cause of the problem. Spinal stenosis is a condition caused by the wear and tear of aging, and occurs when the spine’s open spaces narrow and put pressure on the spinal cord. Also known as stenosis of the spine, this condition can cause weakness and numbness in the back, neck, and shoulders. Issues with bladder and bowel function can also be spinal stenosis symptoms.

In Boerne Texas spinal stenosis treatment provided by Hill Country Physical Medicine does not include surgery. That’s because surgery for spinal stenosis often fails, leaving patients to suffer Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, in which they experience a recurrence or even worsening of the initial symptoms. We use non-invasive techniques, because we believe it’s usually best to avoid spinal stenosis surgery. In Boerne and Comfort, our clinics are known for taking a non-invasive approach to medical issues, choosing as an alternative safe and effective therapies, which include spinal stenosis exercise, physical therapy, massage therapy, and spinal decompression. Hill Country Physical Medicine also utilizes these non-invasive medical procedures for other painful back conditions, such as disc herniation, disc stenosis, and degenerated discs.

In Comfort and Boerne, stenosis of the spine can be effectively treated at Hill Country Physical Medicine. You can depend on Hill Country Physical Medicine to treat a wide range of medical concerns, using non-invasive practices like physical therapy in Boerne Texas.

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